Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Carnival Cruise Day 2: First Sea Day!

We began our first sea day by hitting up the Blue Iguana Cantina for a quick breakfast burrito so we could make the cruise director’s morning show in the main lounge. It turned out to be a pretty funny show and we were happy we made the effort to go rather than just watch it on our TV. Not too long after the morning show, we found our way back to the Paris dining room for sea day brunch. It’s not every day you get to enjoy filet mignon and scrambled eggs, after all. We sat at a large round table with a couple from Azle which is just up the road from our town, one couple from Kansas, and another military couple originally from Texas but currently stationed in Alaska. Good conversation and very yummy food.

Sometime around 12:30, Nick decided to go down to the ship’s library to do some studying for a certification he’s trying to achieve, so changed my clothes and made my way up to the gym to walk on the treadmill for a little while. I did two miles and giggled silently at the two older ladies who jumped on the treadmills beside me, in their flip flops no less, and proceeded to walk 2 miles per hour for 10 minutes before they declared they had done enough.

Nick finished studying because he got sleepy, so he decided to take a nap….in the middle of the day….on a TUESDAY! Yay for vacation! I changed from my gym clothes into my swimsuit and headed out to the pool area to grab an empty lounge chair and sun for a little while. I was just in time to watch the Very Hairy Chest contest, yay for me. I spent about an hour out there, and then it was time for the cabin crawl. Somewhere during that time, I grabbed a Guy's Burger again. These burgers were going to be trouble, I can tell you already.

My cruise group online arranged a cabin crawl so that everyone could visit various types of staterooms to see how they differ. We visited a grand suite, ocean suite, aft wrap balcony room, extended balcony, regular balcony, ocean view window, and a regular stateroom. Oh, and an interior handicapped room, which was quite spacious. It was pretty cool seeing all the different types of rooms that I’m never going to pay money to stay in because they’re ridiculously more expensive than a regular stateroom an really, we haven’t spent much time in our cabin to justify the added expense. But most of the rooms gave out goodies for us each so that was fun. There were about 40 of us exploring the rooms together.
When the cabin crawl ended we decided to go back out on the Lido deck and hang out. Nick wanted to walk on the jogging track since he didn’t get to go to the gym earlier, so I grabbed another lounge chair and proceeded to drift in an out of sleep on my stomach while he walked 18 laps or so. There was live music going and the pool was hopping quite a bit, so it was a pretty good time. That filled the remainder of the afternoon until it was ready to come back in to get ready for elegant night.

We had our photo made with the captain and then walked around to several of the backdrops along the lobby area to have as many photos taken as possible, that way we would have a decent selection to choose from for purchasing. Dinner was delicious and we chose to sit in Kamal’s section again. Nick ordered strawberry bisque for his appetizer and I had West Indian roasted pumpkin soup for mine, then we split the spicy alligator fritters. For dinner, we both ordered the lobster tail and grilled shrimp, because any time you get to eat free lobster, you eat free lobster. For dessert I had the chocolate melting cake again and also tried the bitter 'n blanc bread pudding. The melting cake is way better so Nick ate that one. I’m so going to miss that cake at the end of this trip.
We watched two comedy shows tonight and then went to the late show in the main lounge, but we didn’t stay for the whole show because I kept falling asleep during the songs. I finally told Nick if we didn’t go to bed I might end up sleeping in the Rome Lounge. It had been a long, busy day.

Our towel animal tonight:

Tomorrow, Progreso!

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