Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy July 4th!

We started our July 4th morning by swimming in the hotel pool after breakfast. It was pretty much going to be our only opportunity for Kate to swim, so I took her for about an hour. It helped my back a little bit, which I had injured the day before when I was loading the car for our trip. It's my first ever back injury and so far I am not enjoying it much.
After showering, we headed back to Grandma's for lunch. She made a mexican chicken casserole to go with the leftovers from the night before, and Nikki came again with the kids and Dennis this time. She brought along some home made ice cream and Grandma also made a cake for us.
During the afternoon, we went to see Heather, Will and Olivia for a little while and hang out. Heather made cupcakes for Olivia's birthday party while we sat around and talked, and the girls played while the dads watched Wimbledon. We had dinner at El Chico, since not much was open because of the holiday. Small towns kill me - everything closes for holidays and it drives me crazy. I've been spoiled by living in a larger city for so long.
After dinner it was time to go back to Grandma's to pick her up for the fireworks show in Talco. We followed Nikki out there and found a spot to sit and watch, although we weren't near the park area where they were shooting the fireworks from. Our view was just a little bit blocked by some trees, but we could still see pretty well. 

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