Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Tree 2015

This year I decided to let Kate put all of her homemade ornaments and Disney ornaments on our big tree in the living room instead of having them on a tree in her room. To be honest, I was being lazy. Normally the living room tree is Mommy's domain and has to be just so. She can do whatever she wants to the tree in her bedroom. However she now has enough Disney ornaments and other stuff that her little pink 3' tree just isn't cutting it anymore. But I didn't really want to put up a second big tree.

To be honest, it looks really cute and I still added a few of my touches to the tree, as well as moved around some of the ornaments she placed so they're more evenly spaced. I just can't help myself, but you know, I have to look at it too so it needs to be perfect.

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