Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Student of the Week!

Each week there are two students from each grade chosen to be the Student of the Week at Kate's school, a boy and a girl from each. They get to wear a special button designating them as student of the week and a certificate as well. At lunch each day, they get to sit in a special place in the cafeteria with a friend of their choosing. Kate couldn't wait to tell me when I picked her up on Monday that she was chosen as Student of the Week this week! She's been hoping for that ever since the first week of school, so I was very excited for her and proud of her. Her photo was displayed in a special case outside the office all week long as well.
Her certificate reads: "High Country Elementary Student of the Week proudly awarded to Kate Korte for your PAWsitive behavior during Ms. Anderson's Kindergarten class" and is signed by her principal. 

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