Friday, June 3, 2016

Kindergarten Ceremony

Thankfully Kate's school didn't subject us parents to the weird and pointless kindergarten graduation ceremony. We had to do that last year for pre-school, and it just seems silly. Instead they had a small program where the entire kindergarten class sang some songs they have been practicing and recited a couple of poems. Then each kid was given their completion certificate. It was perfect and only took 30 minutes for the whole grade level to finish. Today was only a half day, so we waited for Kate after the 5th grade clap-out.
High Country has a tradition where they line the halls with all of the students except the 5th graders, and then everyone cheers and claps for the 5th graders as they walk the halls of elementary school one last time. They're all headed next door to middle school after the summer. It was pretty cute to watch. 

Kate chose In 'n Out Burger for lunch, so we took her with Pop and ate burgers once we were finished with school. Now the lazy days of summer can begin, if all this rain will ever stop.

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