Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Has Begun!

This week Kate has spent a couple of day's at Yiayia's house while I worked in the afternoons. She also started swim lessons and VBS was this week at church. To say that we started off summer with a bang may be an understatement.

So the other day when I picked Kate up, she proudly showed me three strips of material that she had sewn together with a sewing machine all on her own! Yiayia had begun sewing lessons. Just a few shorts days later we picked her up and she had made her own entire apron, all by herself, and even cut it out!
VBS just finished up this evening and Kate had a lot of fun. She wants to go to VBS with Cassidy at College Hill too, so I'm going to try to take her over there net week for theirs...hopefully. It's just kind of a beating to get over there each evening but she loves it.
 We are finishing up week 1 of swim lessons tomorrow as well. Kate's been working on diving, her side breathing, and learning some new back strokes. She's taking class again this year with Cassidy and Kendall, so they're having a ton of fun together.

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