Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fair Day with Uncle Trey

Since Kate was out of school on Columbus Day and had a free ticket to the State Fair, I decided to be a moron and take her and Trey over to Dallas for the day...along with every single other student who was out of school on that day. Didn't think that plan all the way through, but we survived anyway.
 I decided it would be even more fun to ride the TRE over rather than drive, which turned out to be just fine, except when we got off the TRE at Victory Station and had to grab the DART train to the Fair....along with every other person who had just exited the TRE. We had to stand on the DART train, and it was so jam packed that Trey had to lean against the train doors and I made really good friends with all of the people around me.
 When we got to the Fair we bought our coupons for the day before the lines got too ridiculous, and it was crowded but not insane at first. It only took an hour or so (for the rest of those people to get off the trains) and the crowds became insanity. I had to keep a tight grip on Kate's hand all day.

She was hungry as soon as we got there, so she and I split a corny dog and then later had a fried s'mores, which she promptly asked for a second one. One of this year's winning competition items was cookie french fries, which I had planned on trying. As we were approaching the booth to buy some, I saw a family with an order of them and so I asked if they were worth it - the lady said no pretty matter of factly and then let me try one. NOPE. Not worth $7.
 We wandered around, looking through vendor booths and walked the Midway (bad idea) because I thought Kate might want to ride something, and she did until she talked herself out of it. She got some free beads and some glitter eye makeup, but then after a while it was becoming so crowded and the lines for everything were so long, and it was hot, that we decided it was no longer fun and headed back to the train. We had a long ride home, but it was a fun day. AFter we got back to our car, we stopped by Whataburger for an early supper.

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