Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fangirling all over the place

A friend of mine informed me that Melissa Hartwig was doing a book tour to coincide with the release of Food Freedom Forever. Melissa Hartwig is one of the co-founders of Whole30, which you know has sort of changed my life. So when I heard I would have the opportunity to meet her and get her to sign my book, I WAS THERE. It was on a Tuesday night, so I had to abandon Nick for bedtime and sometimes that doesn't go so well with Kate. She prefers that Momma be home for bedtime, but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I couldn't miss it.

I arrived at Grapevine Mills Mall a little bit early, so I grabbed a bite to eat and then headed back to the bookstore where the event would take place. A small line had formed, so I quickly took my place in line and began the wait. I had been in the store earlier when Melissa had first walked in, and I was already starting my normal celebrity-induced heart palpitations. But I swore I would not lose it on her nor would I cry. I didn't lose it, but I did tear up.

So when it was time for things to get started, Melissa asked us all to gather around so she could talk to us for a bit and have a Q&A. It was awesome, and everything she said I just wanted to high five her. During Q&A, she called on me and I got to ask her a question! It was pretty awesome.

So I got my chance to meet her and she signed my book, then we took some photos and my night was made. Seriously, this lady had changed so much of my life and I will forever be grateful.
 Yes, I am short, but DUDE - Melissa Hartwig is freakishly tall, and not just because of her stilettos. She's also extremely tiny. But she's amazing. Like, truly.

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