Saturday, October 15, 2016

Picnic and a party

 Today was the annual company picnic at Anchor, where Nick works. This year they had it on site again, rather than somewhere interesting (last year we went to the zoo) so it was kind of sad and not near as many people bothered to show up. But on the flip side, this meant that there were not very many kids in the way of Kate's fun on all of the blow up contraptions so I guess you could say it was all good.
 I had been to REFIT that morning, and came straight to the picnic from there. It was hot out, so after we finished our lunch Kate and I decided to head home and Nick stayed behind for the awards presentation and give away stuff. Wouldn't you know, the ONE TIME we don't stay - Nick won an Anchorman Award?? It's sort of like the employee of the month kind of honor, but someone has to nominate you and stuff. He's won once before, back when I still worked at Anchor and I nominated him. So it felt pretty good to him that someone other than his wife appreciated and understood all he does for the company. But I sure wish I had stayed longer so we could see him get his award.
This was also Mom's birthday, so for dinner that evening we met them at Rosa's Cafe to celebrate her. Kate is always up for Rosa's.

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